14 Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

Get In Shape

  1. Use Diet Bet to help you keep yourself accountable. If you reach your goal of losing weight or steps and you will win real money! If you don’t, you end up paying the winner’s cut.
  2. Try Class Pass – with classes in over 49 cities and a limited time offer of 70% off your first month, this custom workout classes subscription can help you find the exercises you love and will stick to.
  3. Check out Tips From 15 Former Couch Potatoes On How To Get In Shape.

Eat Healthy

  1.  Try one of the many healthy cooking boxes subscription for an easier and cheaper way to get      cooking with no wasted ingredients and tasty alternatives. HelloFresh gives you $50 off your first meal, Blue Apron gives $30 off & Dinnerly often offers free shipping, but also boasts as being the cheapest service of them all.
  2. Size matters – eat smaller portions of healthier food and feel fuller.

Grow Financially

  1. Acorns – Whether you are just starting off with investing or you already have some experience, this app makes saving and investing easier than ever! You can set aside as little as $5 a week or choose to invest your spare change from each transaction. Set up and monitoring is easy and fun too.
  2. Signing up for a new credit card can improve your credit score and earn you $100 – $500 bonus after using it for the first 3 months. Capital One’s Quicksilver gives you 1.5% cash back on everything and often offers additional discounts like 50% off Spotify premium. Chase’s Freedom card is also a great option with 5% cash back categories that  change every quarter.

Stay Organized

  1. Evernote – Keep all your notes in one place and find everything you need much faster with filters and links. This software has continuously had some of the highest ratings in productivity, so give it a try!
  2. Dropbox – This free cloud data storage makes it easy to share and store files like photos, music and documents.
  3. Use IFTTT (If This Then That) – a formula based app where you input variables such as if there is a new burrito recipe on pinterest, it will be saved to a dropbox folder. These automations make it easier to organize yourself and track actions easily. Read about these useful everyday set ups.

Learn Something New

  1. Udemy – You want to learn about cryptocurrency? Find out how to become an Amazon best selling author? Finally learn how to use Photoshop and monetize your skills or just make your relatives laugh by photoshopping them in family photos? Investing in expanding your skills now can lead to another source of income or a skill that you can always have under your belt.
  2. Skillshare – Get access to over 18,000 different courses and learn from doing by completing a project included in each class! Practice makes perfect.
  3. Ted Talks – Get inspired and stir your curiosity by watching these motivational and educational videos about success, failure, and how to think about the world differently.
  4. Have questions about your career, health or life choices? Learn from others by searching Quora. With executives from most well-known companies in the world, celebrities, and specialists from every field, Quora has an enormous collection of questions and answers that are bound to be useful to you.



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