6 Survey Sites That Give You Airline Miles

1. Points For Surveys

Airline: JetBlue

Avg Miles Per Day: You can get 50 miles a day for just attempting surveys. This can be increased if you complete additional surveys.

Avg Time to getting a free ticket: Varies, you can get a free ticket for 3,000 miles, which took 2 months of 5 minutes a day.


I use this one the most. It not only gives you JetBlue miles, which is one of my favorite U.S. based airlines, but it also awards you when you get disqualified!

You can get 10 points for every survey you are disqualified for with a maximum of 5 disqualifications per day or 50 points per day. Of course, getting points for completing a survey has no limitations. You also see the points reflected in your JetBlue account almost immediately.


I have had a fair bit of surveys that have told me I got disqualified and I should be getting 10 points, but never receive anything, so that can be frustrating at times. Thankfully, the majority of the surveys let you know if you are disqualified fairly fast, so you don’t waste too much time.

2. E-rewards

Airline: JetBlue miles + a variety of hotel points (Choice Privileges, Fiesta, Hilton Honors, IHG, La Quinta, Le Club Accor Hotels, Raddison Hotels) This website also offers retail & restaurant gift cards.

Avg Miles Per Day: You get $0.25 in e-rewards currency even if you get disqualified, but depending on the day and the available surveys, the average is normally $0.25 – $1.50. Of course if you do more surveys, you can get much more.

Avg Time to getting a free ticket: Varies, but this website has always taken a bit longer than others. You can get 2,000 Jet Blue miles for $100 in e-rewards currency, so it could take 4/5 months for a free 3,000 mile flight.


This is a legit website that has always given me my e-rewards currency and has delivered its rewards, so it is worth giving it a try. It’s also great to get rewarded even if you get disqualified for a survey, so you don’t feel like you wasted your time. In the case that you have already booked your dream trip, you can spend your hard earned e-rewards cash to treat yourself to gift cards for Macy’s, Best Buy, Starbucks & more.


Surveys can be long with a smaller payout. E-rewards won’t get you a fast free ticket, but it does add up.

3. Opinion Rewards Club

Airline: Air France/KLM

Avg Miles Per Day: Depends on the number of surveys you qualify for on a daily basis.

Avg Time to getting a free ticket: Quite long. It seems that short flights vary between 5,000 and 10,000 miles, so getting 10 – 50 miles per completed survey would make it hard to earn enough for a free flight.


Even though you likely won’t get a free flight from this site, you should definitely take advantage of the 300 bonus miles for simply registering and completing your first survey.


You do not get partial credit for disqualification, which can be time consuming and annoying. Unless you complete two to three high scoring surveys a day(likely 30 min + each), it would be very difficult to get a free ticket out of this.

4. E-miles

Airline: Delta, United, American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Frontier, Alaska Airlines + some hotel chains (Hilton Honors and IHG)

Avg Miles Per Day: Varies per airline and depends on the tasks you complete.

Avg Time to getting a free ticket: Depends on the tasks you are willing to do.


There are a lot of Airlines that offer miles for these points and the redemption process is easy. You can get to  the minimum redemption threshold fast if you are willing to sign up for a lot of offers.


The surveys are powered by Peanut Labs, so they always have a pre-questionnaire stage and can disqualify you mid survey, which can cost you a lot of time and give you little to no points. The easiest way to get points is to go to the “Interact” section, but there aren’t many tasks, so it may take a long time to get enough points.

5. Opinion Miles Club

Airline: United Airlines

Avg Miles Per Day: Some surveys can bring 10 – 300+ miles, so it depends.

Avg Time to getting a free ticket: A short flight free ticket can be anywhere between 10,000 and 50,000 miles. If you get lucky with the surveys and get 300 mile surveys for a couple of months, you can earn enough for a cheap ticket.


Take advantage of the 300 mile bonus you get for completing your first survey and try out for surveys every day. If you get 30 – 50 big point surveys, you may be able to get a free ticket, which would be a better return than most regular survey sites. If you only qualify for 10 – 50 points per survey, this may be more of an add on to your existing miles rather than the sole way to get a free ticket.


Yet again, you will not be rewarded for surveys that you get disqualified for, so you have to fully complete every survey in order to stack up the miles. If you only qualify for 10 – 50 points per survey, this may be more of an add on to your existing miles rather than the sole way to get a free ticket.

6. My Points

Airline: American Airlines & United Airlines + hotels.com

Avg Miles Per Day: Avg points a day could vary between 31 and 41.

Avg Time to getting a free ticket: Chances are that this website will help accumulate some additional miles, but may not result in a free ticket if used alone.


My Points is one of the rare websites that gives you 5 points for each survey that you are disqualified for. This results in a maximum of 25 points a day for just attempting surveys. If you get a few more minutes to spare and are hungry for more points, there are plenty of other ways you can earn!


Reaching the payout threshold for miles or airline gift cards can take quite a while to accumulate. You may be better off cashing out for Amazon/Ebay/Dunkin gift cards or to save up for straight PayPal cash, but if you decide to save up your points for travel, 5 minutes a day on this site can really add up over time and is worth a try.


All of these are worth a try and will give you miles that you can use, but getting a completely free ticket will take some time and commitment. Points For Surveys has been the fastest and easiest way to get a free ticket so far.

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