Face Care Samples Evaluation – April 2018

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1. Hello Cider – ACV Face Wipes

Positive: Organic and natural.

Negative: Terrible vinegary smell that lingers after application. Feels acidic and unpleasant.

Verdict: Never tried vinegar wipes before, but likely won’t again. The smells and acidity is very off putting.


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2. Derma E – Nourishing Rose Cleansing Oil

Positive: Initially smells like rose oil and absorbs well.

Negative: The smells turns into an pleasant stale one shortly after it is applied.

Verdict: Would not use again based on the smell that made me want to wash my face instead of giving me a cleansing feeling.


eb5 5 in 1 Facial Treatment Intense Moisture Anti-Aging Skin Care Cream 4 Oz


3. Eb5 – Original 5-in-1 Facial Treatment – Intense Moisture Anti-Aging Cream

Positive: No smell, fast to absorb and no residue or peeling when it dries up.

Negative: It does not give you a lush feeling, but leaves your skin moisturized.

Verdict: I would use again as a daily routine.



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4. L’Oreal – Hydra Genius 

Positive: Smells fresh, absorbs well and leaves the face feeling moisturized.

Negative: Can feel slightly plastic-like on your face.

Verdict: Could use as a nice refreshing summer moisturizer, but would not use daily.



Goddess Garden Organics Under The Sun Pre-Sunscreen Serum, 1 Ounce



5. Goddess Green – Under The Sun

Positive: It is all plant based and pre-sunscreen hydrating

Negative: This serum/oil has an unpleasant scent and comes out extremely oily and does not sully absorb.

Verdict: The greasy feeling skin and bad smell make this serum something I would not try again. 


Clear winner: Eb5 – Original 5-in-1 Facial Treatment

I hope these reviews have been helpful. Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know about your experience with them!



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