Face Care Samples Evaluation – Peter Thomas Roth Face Masks – April 2019

Peter Thomas Roth – Irish Moor Mud Purifying Black Mask

Smell: No particularly strong smell, just a hint of earthy mud.
Consistency: Very thick, slightly hard to spread evenly. Absorbance: It does not dry out and crack like other mud masks. Depending on how thick you layer it on, it may still be moist when washing it off.

Result: The whole face feels purified, moisturized, and soft. 


Peter Thomas Roth – Blue Marine Algae Mask

Smell: Slight smell of the sea.
Consistency: See-through gel mask, very easy to spread. 

Absorbance: The skin soaks it up quickly. 

Result: Ultra moisturizing mask that should be a part of any face care routine


Peter Thomas Roth – Pumpkin Enzyme Mask

Smell: Strong smell of pumpkin.
Consistency: Orange brownish thick gel with sugar-like exfoliating particles.

Absorbance: Does not seem to absorb much, but exfoliates well when washed out.

Result: This scrub like mask leaves the face soft and smooth.


Peter Thomas Roth – Rose Stem Cell Mask

Smell: Strong rose smell.
Consistency: See-through gel that is easy to spread.

Absorbance: Soaks into skin fast.

Result: Must use multiple times to see any result for fine lines, but otherwise leaves face feeling fresh.


Peter Thomas Roth – Rose Stem Cell Mask


Smell: Light cucumber smell.
Consistency: Cooling easy to spread see-through gel 

Absorbance: Fast absorbing, very easy to wash off after.

Result: Cools tired dry skin. 



Peter Thomas Roth – 24K Gold Mask

Smell: Slightly unpleasant plastic smell.         
Consistency: See-through shiny gel. It does not have the thick consistency that other gold masks have. 

Absorbance: Remains sticky the whole time.

Result: No obvious lift or rejuvenation. 


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