Face Care Samples Reviews – July 2018

1. Magnolia Orchid – Rose Advanced Radience Toner

Positive: Has a natural rose smell and has a small  invigorating effect on the skin.

Negative: Very watery consistency that makes your skin look oily before it absorbs.

Verdict: Could use to refresh your face in the spring & summer months, but does not seem to make a big difference.\

2. Number 7 – Early Defence – Glow Activating Serum

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Positive: Light, no smell serum that is easy to apply.

Negative: Extra watery consistency, which leaves you feeling like you just washed your face and nothing stuck.

Verdict: The title creates high hopes, but there was no glow activity, just felt like a quick rinse.

3. Sephora Charcoil Nose Strip

Positive: Easy to put on and stays on.

Negative: Weird smell. Did not seem to work at all. It didn’t peel anything off and seemed to harden from the moisture they tell you to put on your nose.

Verdict: Would have expected more from a Sephora brand. Wouldn’t use this particular mask again.

4. Aveeno – Positively Radiant – Overnight Hydrating Facial

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Positive: Smooth, fresh smelling, thick milky substance. It calms the face after a long day. 

Negative: Can remain sticky even 2 hours after application, but it leaves the face smooth and hydrated for the full next day. 

Verdict: Worthy of being a part of your nightly routine. Great product!

5. Koasthetics Vitamin E Mask

Positive: Pleasant smell, easy to unfold, and leaves the skin feeling moisturized. High quality Korean cosmetics that you can trust.

Negative: Can take a while to fully absorb.

Verdict: Great product at a great price. Definitely worth it, especially if there’s a deal on a bulk package at Amazon.

Clear winner:  The ultimate must-try product in this lot was the Aveeno Overnight Hydrating Facial. It is refreshing and works impressively well. 

I hope these reviews have been helpful. Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know about your experience with them!

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