Google AdWords Marketing Features You Should Use For A Physical Store

Location Targeting

Create a hyper targeted campaign for the zip code or radius around your physical store. Make a specific promotion in your ads where people can mention the “AdWords” promotion at the register to get 5% or 10% off or give a discount for specific times when business is slow. Keep track of people that use the promotion and quantify the results.

Store Visit Conversions

This feature is available to a limited number of advertisers, so see if you meet the qualifications and contact your Google rep if you do. At a first glance, it seems that you would only get aggregate data that cannot be attributed to a specific click or impression, which doesn’t help optimizing for store visits, but it could give you a general idea of foot traffic generated from your campaigns, which can be useful.

Location Extensions

You can set up your business locations with Google and add location extensions to your campaigns, which enhances the search experience by providing a better locally relevant information.

Most recently, Google added location extensions to YouTube campaigns as well, which makes it easier for your potential customers to watch one of your videos, notice the location extension and head over to your store!

In-Market Audiences

This is a predetermined audience pool that is available in Google Adwords. It is created by using customer search behavior and determining whether they are looking to purchase specific products or services. You can apply it to highly tailored campaigns & target people that are in the market for sports equipment, clothes, children’s products, gifts, beauty products a lot more. Take a look and see if there is an audience suitable for your business.

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